Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today was the Arthritis Foundation Walk. I managed to rustle up $75 in donations, thanks to you guys! My darling friend Niki came with me to share in the joy of walking a mile in the freezing (hello, June, is that you?) weather. And she very patiently put up with all of my excuses to stop: "I think that Burns needs to potty." "I want to let this group pass." Ooops, I think my Camelback is clogged." "Uhm, can I just stop?" She put up with all of this, even after I managed to do this to her...

There were cute kids and dogs, and beautiful views at the Wheeler Farm.

After all this madness, and a yummy meal at Brewvies. I took myself over to Kate's pad where we tie-dyed some onesies in preparation of a very special October arrival.

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Niki said...

Excuses to stop?? What?? I felt like I was holding YOU up with all my stopping to squat in the dirt to take pictures of bugs and shit. :)

Seriously, it was a fun day.