Wednesday, June 18, 2008

See that red X in the middle of the map there? That's my 'hood. Good old Glendale. You see how it's so close to downtown? That's really convenient for getting around, I'm really close to both 215 and I-15. It's a cute little residential area with nice old houses.

Recently I got a new neighbor, a new addition. I shall call him, "Appropriately-Time-of-Day-Challenged" Rooster. The ATODC Rooster, if you will, is just that, challenged. He likes to crow, whenever he damn well feels like it. The sun comes up, cock-a-doodle-doo... Wow, that's entirely appropriate, the sun has come up, it's a new day, HARKEN THE NEW DAY MR. ROOSTER!!!
11:00 AM? Not so much a time to be crowing.
2:35 PM? Whatcha doin' buddy?
8:15 PM? Are you fucking kidding me?!

I like animals. I have two cats and a dog. I have a bird feeder for the wild birds. I took horse riding lessons (English AND Western, thank you). I can't watch movies where an animal gets hurt, I just lose it.

I do not like the ATODC Rooster. We are not friends.

Now, I think there might be a reason the ATODC Rooster is so talkative. He seems to be completely alone. Yeah, no chickens to follow around, no other roosters to intimidate. It must be a lonely life. For a rooster. 5 minutes from down town Salt Lake. Please refer to the above map.

I am so confused.



Why just ONE rooster? Really, why own roosters at all? (unless you want eggs, in which case, you also need hens, right?)My feeling about this situation is that the rooster is sad and you should drop a few hens in his yard to make him happy. We'll just grab the ones who live next door to me.

savascha said...

This is my question, why a single sad little rooster? He's not laying eggs or fertilizing any, what is his purpose?!

I think we should get that champion chicken tosser from across the street to help us with throwing some chickens in the yard.