Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I spend so much time talking about my own illness that I have completely forgotten to mention the amazing efforts of other people I know battling their own problems.

My friend Dov Siporin was diagnosed with colorectal cancer this year. He has gone through one course of chemo and radiation, and then surgery. He had over a foot of his intestines removed! During the surgery they found a tumor on his liver. So now he has started his second course of chemo and will be having surgery on his liver in a month or so. And in the midst of all this, he's been training for a 175 mile relay race. Yeah, no, seriously. Dov is bad ass. He's one of the funniest and smartest people out there. While he's going through this, he's consistently made sure that I'm doing ok. What a guy. And people are noticing how impressive he is. ABC 4 Utah did a segment on him recently. They set it to "Dear Prudence" by The Beatles, but he really wanted Social Distortion's "Far Behind"...

He was also on X-96 Radio From Hell's "Ask a..." segment. I'm trying to find the podcast for peoples listening pleasure, I'll update that as soon as I find it. Edit - (I have found the Radio From Hell podcast, it is from the May 28th episode, you can listen to it for free on iTunes at this link.)

He's working on writing a book about the whole experience, and has been keeping a blog about it as well.

Oh and P.S. Fuck Cancer.

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