Monday, October 22, 2007

I am so going to pimp out a couple of things here.

Firstly. Simplify Media is an amazing company. They make it possible to share your itunes library with any of your friends you'd like to. I had some technical issues with my version when it first started and it was addressed by non-other than the co-founder Paul. He helped me through it, and I got a peek at his collection, which, while in my uber-music elitest ways was a little lacking deserved some props. Down load this bidness right now! Come find me, savascha, and listen to my music!

And secondly, I know I haven't been around to post much, things have been a little hectic in my life lately. One of the reasons has to do with my other blog I'm working on. Welcome to The Vadge Blog. The brainchild of my dear friend Oval Office and I. We have a very talented crew of sass-assy ladies working with us, and are going to take the leap to a full fledge website soon, with links, and things to buy and everything. It's vadgetastic!

Alright, I promise a real update soon, but in keeping with tradition, here's a lovely video. It's business time, ladies and gents...