Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well, ARUP caught on that people were spending time on Blogger, so now it is blocked from work. There go my most creative moments!

Update? Yes, let's.

Other ankle, whamo, ouch. Only had a brace for a week, but it was one of those monsterous boot things.

My brother Eric and his wife came to a family function. *jaw drops* and she managed to stay civial and not blame any of the problems of their children on me. I spent the first couple of seconds they showed up saying "what the hell?" over and over without realizing it. Hopefully they didn't notice.

I'm on the hunt for a car, so I can spend less time injuring myself, and more time: doing what I want, not asking for rides, going to SL Cemetary for lunch like I used to, driving to Antelope Island or Saltair, going camping, going to the gym, going to a movie by myself, grocery shopping, going to appointments without having to schedule around when I might be able to get a lift, DOING WHAT I WANT!


Let's see, with no television (by choice) I've become the voracious reader I used to be. I'm almost back up to my old speed, I can read approximately 400 pages in two days. When I'm back up to one day, that'll be a good thing.

I've been out doing more walking, well since I got the monster boot off, but I really want to be back up to hiking like I was before I hurt my ankle. I held my own, for the most part, in Goblin... but I was despondent about not being able to climb and be crazy like everyone else. Must. Get. Weight. Off.

Sadly, there is nothing else to report. So I'll give you another video. Remember Oasis, Wonderwall? Well, this is how the song should have sounded....

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I just love Feist. And this is the most adorable video, to the most adorable song.