Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Friday night was the Friends of the Library open house. It made me feel all grown up and appreciated. I wore a nice outfit, showed off my new haircut (bangs! I've re-cut the bangs!), and got to hang out with two of my favorite peoples; Alisha and my sister Kristal. Kristal was the coordinator for this shin-dig, and I think she did a splendid job. We had yummy little finger foods... mmmmm sushi, fruit, tiny pieces of brownie... and it was on the roof of the library. As the aural backdrop for the party, we had the sounds of the Arts Festival going on below. I found out that my magical little name tag would get me into the festival for free, but I didn't feel like dealing with 95+ degree weather, and crowds. My tolerance for bottlenecking peoples who constantly step on my feet has pretty much disappeared. I'm crotchety I tells ya! I wanted to get back to my house and watch my DVR'd episodes of Secret Lives of Women! Or maybe The Soup!

My sudden crochetyness? crochetyhood? has inspired me to look into some activity groups around town. Yeah, scary, I know. But I feel it's time for me to branch out, since I haven't been meeting too many new people while playing Wii tennis in my own living room. (Wii tennis elbow hurts just as much as real tennis elbow, by the way). So, this will be an experiment in social networking. And don't worry, I've twisted Mary Ann's wii bowling arm into going with me. I'm a pretty sociable person, but it's always nice to have an emergency buffer.

Saturday morning was another SIL-ly day at my sis Kristal's house. We had my mom, Kristal, Kris, and myself sitting around crafting. Or actually, they were crafting, I was working on my best impression of a person with no spine or muscle tone. I sat slumped in the chair for the better part of three hours watching everyone else be creative while everything I brought to work on seemed sooooooooooooooooo boring. Apparently I have Crafting ADD, and cannot stick with any one craft for longer than 20 minutes at a time. So even though I had jewelry stuff, crochet stuff, and drawing stuff... I worked on my posture instead. But we had good talks and a yummy lunch. Mom made curry chicken sandwiches, which I will post the recipe for once she gets around to typing it up, and we had left over snacks from the open house. All in all, a very pleasant morning!

Saturday evening, there was another break in my lonely, lonely life... Alisha's birthday party! Woot! We gathered at my house, which was now slowly getting cooled off by the addition of a second window cooler, courtesy of my gracious mama; installed by my manly brother and brother-in-law. We ordered Bombay House take-away and came back to me casa to enjoy the temperature outside. Tess, Alisha, Mary Ann, Becca and I hung out and laughed a lot. We played Wii bowling, where Team Mary Ann/Alisha totally spanked Team Becca/Mindy. Poor Becca is video game illiterate though, I was giving her the benefit of inexperience, but Alisha and Mary Ann are very happy winners :) The evening will live on forever in the white trash miner dance, Becca's never-ending supply of surprises she just happened to have in her car, and what happens to a group of girls when they aren't expecting the sprinklers when they go off. Good times... good times...

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