Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's that time of year again, a wonderful magical time of year. The time when parents openly take their children to R-rated movies, when people openly chug beer and smoke all kinds of illicit substances under the beautiful Utah sky. Yes of course, it's Drive-In season.

I have a tremendous soft spot for the Redwood Drive-In. Since Mary Ann and I turned 16 we have been there all summer pretty much every summer. Mary Ann is my longstanding movie buddy, and generally our taste synch's up pretty well. And you consider, you're getting two movies for the same price as one at a theater, sweet deal! Besides, you get to bring your own snacks and crank up the volume to that deafening level that I seem to require these days. All those years of playing guitar with no ear plugs, and not to mention concerts where I was practically strapped to the speaker. Smart move Mindy.

So Mary Ann and I opened our summer tradition last night. We took my Jeep, put the seats down, put down foam pads and blankets and settled in to watch our two movies.

Don't waste your time on:
"Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay". I actually don't think I've squirmed through a worse movie. I've really been trying to think if I have. I never saw the American Pie movies, but I know this is worse. I've never watched all of Meet the Feebles, but I think this had more gag factor, and I mean gag reflex factor. In the first five minutes you had to endure a poop scene and masturbation scene. I basically had a Han Solo moment, "I've got a bad feeling about this". And the whole movie went from bad to worse. Painful racial stereotyping, gross for the sake of being gross sexuality, and Darwin Award level stupidity. The only redeeming part of the whole movie was Neil Patrick Harris playing a deranged version of himself. At one point he downs a bag of mushrooms right in front of a police roadblock and his 2 minute vision quest is the only funny part of the whole movie. Bottom line, even if you had smoked yourself into a permahaze in junior high at the back of the school, I doubt you will find this movie worth harshing your mellow.

Triumphantly enter:
"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was just adorable. Seriously, just adorable. I've been hearing lots of good things about it since it came out and I'm happy I finally saw it. Jason Segel wrote and starred in this pretty realistic take on a horrible break up. It is easy to relate to his shell shocked character who is simultaneously desperate to get over his ex, while at the same time having the need to poke at the bruise and make sure it still hurts. I really don't want to give any of this movie away because you just have to see it yourself; just know, it's a very complete comedy that'll leave you "awww"-ing for more. Oh and bonus, male frontal nudity.



Male frontal nudity? MALE FRONTAL NUDITY? Why did it take you this long to tell me about it?

savascha said...

Serious? I swear I told you about that?! Full JASON SEGEL frontal!